Cost of Using Electricity at Home

It’s relatively easy to work out the cost of using home appliances:

  • Electricity is measured in Kilowatt hours (KWH).
  • A KWH is the amount of electricity consumed in 1 hour by a     1-Kilowatt appliance.
  • The average cost of 1 KWH is about 14p, but this will depend upon your supplier.

Take the power of the device (in Kilowatts), and multiply by the cost of 1 KWH, to calculate the rough cost per hour of the device.

Example 1

A Tumble Dryer will run at between 3 – 5 Kilowatts, so the running cost would be between 40p – 70p per hour.

Example 2

A 40 Watt Light Bulb running at only 0.4 of a Kilowatt would cost about 0.5p per hour.


This article was written by Bindy Gill of Diamond Electrics.