Electric Under-floor Heating

Many people assume that running a whole-house electrical heating system will be costlier than their gas boiler system, simply because gas is currently cheaper than electricity.  This, however, is just not the case…

The annual cost of using a Electric Under-floor Heating System as sole-source heating in different rooms in your home with proper insulation, and the use of zoning is surprisingly low.

It can be from as little as 0.6p per hr.

M2 Tiling supplies and fits these systems in conjunction with a qualified Electrician. By properly insulating your floor with Insulation Board, you can reduce the heat-up period significantly thereby reducing running costs by as much as 50%  We offer advice as to the power output required, the use of thermal insulation and the type of thermostat.

These systems can be used not only under tiles but also wood, vinyl and carpet.

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