Top tips for a cheaper and safer (electric) life

Bindy Gill from Diamond Electrics gives us a few pointers…

17th Edition Consumer Units

Providing the wiring in your property is P.V.C., (which a visual inspection would determine), replacing your existing Fuse Board would increase the safety of your whole installation.

The new 17th Edition Dual R.C.D. Consumer Unit offers total protection to all circuits.  It ensures that if a problem occurs, it is isolated and switched off.

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms should be installed on Landings and in Hallways.  These alarms, where possible, should be interlinked so that if any alarm is activated, all alarms interlinked will also be activated.

Movement detectors for your lighting

Movement Detectors or Occupancy Switches (P.I.R.s) offer energy savings and lamp longevity.  Money is wasted lighting entire spaces instead of just those areas where it is really required.  And the kids will always forget to switch those lights off!

There are always some lights that could be switched off automatically at some points during the day.  We can fit replacement switches that require no extra wiring at all.  It’s a quick and easy job, and you’ll be saving money from the moment it’s done.


A low-voltage LED lamp offers a great replacement for a 50W Halogen lamp.  LED down-lighters are now replacing ageing compact fluorescent down-lighters.

LED Lamps offer between 20,000 to 40,000 hours of lamp life – which means that they are much cheaper to run than traditional Halogen or Tungsten lights, and are fully bright from the moment they are switched on.


To take advantage of these new products, give Bindy a call for a free inspection.