The 2021 figures are in!

For us, our Friday breakfasts aren’t just a chance to catch up. They are not an excuse to have that Friday fry-up (although, of course, they sort of are!). They aren’t even a good way to start the day with a positive spin.

No, the whole point of getting up early is business. And much as we like each other’s company, that’s why we’re all here. We track each member’s referrals: both those they give, and those they receive. We track both the opportunities, and how much money passes as a result of those opportunities.

Of course, the numbers aren’t 100% right. But in reality they are likely to be under-estimates rather than over the top. Unfortunately we’re not perfect, and a few of us forget to declare a few of the jobs that come good.

And so, what were the numbers last year? The 2020 scores are on the doors!

In 2020 we passed £205,328 of declared business!

Other interesting snippets:

  • The person who passed the most referrals last year was Paul French!  33 referrals!  Who knew that an ex-plumber would be so prolific!
  • The person who received the most referrals was Oli Drake.  Of course, everyone needs a great plumber!
  • The person who came second in both referrals passed and referrals received was Bindy Gill.  We all need a great electrician, and especially one that hands out good business referrals.
  • Paul French also declared the most business received from the group.  All we can say here is that what goes around comes around!  Congratulations Paul.

If you’d like to tap into our business network, why not come along and meet us?  Who knows?  You might be featuring in our leader-boards next year.