Welcome to the home of the North Surrey Business Association (NSBA).

The NSBA is dedicated to generating business for our members. The NSBA is unique among networking groups because:

  • We are a not-for-profit organisation
  • We are democratically run, for the members, by the members. Every penny of fees we collect is used to promote the members’ businesses
  • We’re cheap, typically a fraction of most commercial networking groups
  • We protect our members – we ensure that only one person from each profession is allowed to join
  • Our purpose is to bring together local businesses and customers, to share business opportunities.

Where and when?

The NSBA has embraced the current situation, and we have zoom meetings, a whatsapp group and an email list.  But we like face-to-face too, and typically meet once a month for a drink and a meal out – usually the last Wednesday of every month.

Visitors are very welcome to come along. There’s no charge, apart from picking up your bill for whatever you eat and drink.

If you’d like to come along, either contact us via this site or you can give our current group Director, Bindy Gill, a call on 07831 244685.

Additional Member Benefits

  • You will receive a personal page on this NSBA website that can link through to your own website.  Our team will help you create it.
  • You may participate in our regular business and social networking events.  Members often get to attend these free of charge, or at least with a significant discount applied.