What can you expect when you attend one of our breakfast meetings?  Well, while we often have special items and events, the core of our meeting stays the same.  We’re all there to understand more about each other’s businesses, and we’re all there to share real business opportunities.

A typical agenda might look like this:

  • 6:45 – Arrive.  Your chance to meet and chat with other members of our association
  • 7:00 – Breakfast is served.  You will have a selection of cooked items, toast, cereal, fruit and yoghurt.
  • 7:15 – Meeting begins.  The current Association Director will introduce the other key people and roles within the association.
  • Passing of business cards – The Associates’ business card box will be circulated for each person to top up their collection, and visitors will also have a chance to pass round their own cards (remember to bring a good quantity, as there might be many people who will be interested in taking one).
  • Individual one-minute presentations.  All the associates will take a turn to explain a little about their business, and how the other associates could help them this week.  We stick strictly to one minute, so preparation isn’t difficult.  All visitors will also get a chance to tell us about their business.  This is completely optional.
  • Education – Each week an Associate will give us a short insight into an aspect of running a business.
  • Membership Report – The membership coordinator will present information on the group, including the number of opportunities that have been passed between us, the amount of declared business that has been done, and welcoming new and renewing associates.
  • 10-Minute Presentation – one associate will take 10 minutes to share more about their business.  This is our chance to learn more about what they do, so we can be more effective in finding opportunities for them.  The slot is optional – no associate has to present – but it is a good opportunity for us all to share information about our businesses.
  • Business Opportunity Sharing – At this time we share our contributions to the group.  Business opportunities are passed between the associates, and you may also share business opportunities that may have come to light as you’ve learnt about each associate’s business.  You might also receive them from other people.  We also share other contributions, such as written testimonials about good service, effort given in encouraging visitors or generating publicity for our group.  If nothing else, then we can always thank others for their contributions.
  • Reality Checks – We check on a random set of opportunities that have been passed in previous meetings, to ensure that they represent real opportunities to do business.
  • Secretary Treasurer’s report – The Secretary Treasurer will present a summary of the finances of the group, including any significant debtors or creditors.
  • Events Announcements – The Events coordinator will announce any up-coming events that associates can take part in.  These can be of both a business or social nature.
  • Door Prize – This is brought by the 10-minute speaker and will be given to someone who has contributed to the group, drawn at random.
  • 8:30 – Meeting close.

We welcome visitors to come along to any of our meetings.  You may be interested in networking with a group of local businesses, in joining us, or even just interested in meeting a local group of reliable trades and businesses; all are equally welcome.

There is a fee charged for each meeting.  We do not charge anything to join our group – we are a not-for-profit association.  But associates pay £60 per month towards the cost of the breakfasts and the group marketing and promotion.  Visitors who would like to only attend a meeting rather than join the group can pay £15 on the door.

If you would like to come along, we’d appreciate it if you let us know in advance, just so we can let the venue know numbers for breakfast.  Just drop us a note using our contact form.